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Our company doesn't accept forced methods dissemination of information. Cash4x Limited doesn't use spam methods under no circumstances and recommends to the clients to adhere to similar approach to spam.
Spam it is the unsolicited, mass, anonymous mailing delivery having character of importunate and detrimental advertizing. Often bringing a certain discomfort, and at times and loss not only time, but also money.
As spam takes away time and takes away a certain share of resources on its processing, such method of advertising and informing doesn't find support in most countries of the world. For this reason some countries forbid or very strictly regulate spam at the legislative level. Which once again confirms the seriousness of this mass phenomenon. There is an entire industry on the Internet which main income is just granting from the spam mailings. And while will pay for spam, it will try to get at each computer which is connected to the Internet.
We pay your attention that our company never uses spam! There are many quite lawful and noble ways of project promotion.
And therefore we fairly count on that, as everyone who will become the Client of the Company will divide entirely with us policy according spam using. Besides, in case of a proven fact of use by the Client of spam, we will have compelled to apply to it the corresponding methods of punishment for attempting of discredit the reputation of the Cash4x Limited company.


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